What is the Argall Industrial Area and how do I know if my business is in the area you are mapping?

    The Argall Industrial Area is in Lea Bridge and is home to over 450 businesses. The diverse mix of businesses in the area range from manufacturing to pottery, filmmakers to food-wholesalers and beauty brands to breweries. Some of the organisations in the area have an online presence and others have in-person shops and spaces to visit.

    We would like to map businesses located in the area below. Please note we would also like to include businesses at Lammas Road which is currently excluded from this image.

    Image credit: Argall Business Improvement District 


    Why should I sign up to be included in the map?

    We want to encourage residents to support and celebrate the industrial area’s fantastic business community.

    • Being a part of the map will provide free promotion for businesses including be a part of print and digital materials advertised by the Council
    • We also hope that the map will help to create connections and supply chains between businesses in the area through raising awareness of different services available locally

    What is the Argall Business Improvement District?

    The Argall Business Improvement District (BID) operate on the estate and are a business-led and business funded body, working in partnership with Waltham Forest Council and other stakeholders to deliver improvements in the area. The BID encompasses 7 different trading estates and operate across Argall Avenue and Rigg Approach. Learn more about the BID on their website and in their renewal proposal

    I need business support, how can I contact you?

    You can contact the Council's Business and Growth team by emailing business.growth@walthamforest.gov.uk

    Visit the Council's business webpage for other information for businesses walthamforest.gov.uk/businesses (external link)

    How we use your data

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    The form asks for your business’s name, address, customer contact details, customer website and social media channels. This is so your business can be featured in the digital and illustrated map the council is producing which aims to promote local organisations. This information will be shared with the Council’s suppliers who are producing the digital and illustrated map. No personal data, such as your name, personal contact details, or personal address will be shared with the suppliers. 

    It is likely that the digital map will be hosted on the Council’s Waltham Forest Connected website (though this could be subject to change). By completing the form your business details will also be listed on the Council's Waltham Forest Connected online public directory of businesses in the borough.

    The form also asks for your name and business email address so that the Council can get in touch with you about the map or activities associated with the map and its launch in the future if we need to.

    Your personal data will be treated in the strictest confidence and only used for the stated purpose, in line with Data Protection legislation.

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